iPhone 6 Cases

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Keep your iPhone protected with premium iPhone cases
Apple iPhones offer some of the best technology and designs in the smartphone market, but can sometimes break or crack if they fall on the ground or get damaged in water. To avoid this, users must invest in some durable cases and covers for their iPhone model. There is no dearth of cases available for the iPhone in the market and users can pick from a number of different varieties. But a major factor when choosing a case or cover for your phone s...
Posted on: 09/30/2015 - 11:28
The Ballistic Hard Core Case with Holster features a durable design with protective elements that help keep your iPhone 6 safe and sound, no matter wh...
Posted on: 09/30/2015 - 11:23
The Griffin Survivor Case has been created to meet and exceed the US Department of Defense Standard 810F and the UK Department of Defense Standard 00-...
Posted on: 09/30/2015 - 11:22
The OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 6 Case is a complete protection system for your iPhone 6 with dust, drop, screen and scratch protection. It featur...
Posted on: 09/30/2015 - 11:20
The LifeBox iPhone 6 Rugged Protection Case is a complete protection system for your iPhone and will virtually protect it from everything. With the ca...

iPhone 5 Cases

Top iPhone 5 Wristlet Cases
Investing in a wristlet case is a great idea for your Apple iPhone 5 because they are extremely versatile and will let you keep all your essentials in one place when going out. Not only are they great phone protectors, but will also allow you to keep important things like money, cards and keys, eliminating the need to carry another wallet or bag.
They come in a variety of colors, designs and materials and every one can find something of their l...
Posted on: 07/24/2015 - 07:46
The Kate Spade Designer Original Wristlet Phone Case is a great option for girls looking to add some style when carrying their iPhone. This branded wr...
Posted on: 07/24/2015 - 07:44
The Caseen Floral Clocks Women's Smartphone Wallet Clutch Wristlet Case is available in a number of colors and printed designs, making it a versatile...
Posted on: 07/24/2015 - 07:40
The True Color Magnetic Folio Wave Chevron & Anchor Printed Wallet Wristlet Purse Clutch Case Cover has a cute design and pattern and comes with m...
Posted on: 07/24/2015 - 07:38
The GMYLE Premium Luxury PU Leather Wristlet for iPhone 5/5S has been designed keeping in mind the importance of protecting your iPhone from every sid...

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Lemur Shape Cute Mini Speaker with Lighting Ears - White

Tell me if that sounds familiar:

It’s Sunday. A regular Sunday. You’re in bed, wrapped like a burrito in your blanket.
You’re dying to see a movie. Seeing movies is the perfect thing to do on weekdays as this doesn't need much brain.
But your computer sound is lousy. And you just can’t make it any better.

How to boost it?

Well, you could use portable speakers that will boost the sound on your device. These products come in various sizes and connect via Bluetooth, WiFi or cable.
Smallest products are easy to take with you on a trip, for example. When... more





Time is here to be both an asset and a pressure point, depending on one’s perspective over it. But beyond that, we have the time trackers, the clocks that trace it and display it recklessly in front of our eyes and tattoo it in our minds and the watches that bring over time in style, above all. No matter who you are and what you do, keeping track of time is a must and for that, be invited to check out a cool collection of watches, coming for good prices and with high style image.

The O.Tage multifunctional watches are here in a nice and colorful variety, to meet your desires, tastes and expectations. The watches are waterproof so you can feel free to spill some water over... more

Stainless Electronic Self Stirring Mug - Silver

Coffee mugs are not ordinary items. They’re special. They’re the first thing you see in the morning. Not your sleeping partner’s funny face but your dear mug where soon you’ll pour miraculous liqueur coffee.

You can’t drink coffee from an ugly, broken mug. You just can’t. You need to feel good about this morning ritual to have a great day and, why not, become a better person.

It seems that objects we came in contact with have impact on the way we threat others.

  • When drinking a hot drink, people show to be more caring, more generous than when slurping a cold one... more



Stress is something we cannot escape, we cannot run from, we cannot avoid. From the first alarm call in the morning to the last cellphone check before a goodnight sleep, we are followed by stress and pressure.

The good news is that now it can be overwhelmed, with a set of gadgets and toys that keep our minds clear and our violent needs latent.

The antistress ball is a good way to exercise, keep focus on and keep your mind off the pressure of the long office hours. You’re on deadline, your mind is running wild on adrenaline, so be invited to release all the excess energy into a good antistress ball.

... more


All those who ever tried to meditate know this business is hard. Only few of us managed to stop their thoughts fooling around in their minds. And only after serious training. And all these persons became gurus. Of how many gurus have you heard about? 4? 5? Exactly. For the rest of us, mortals, trying to escape every day stress is a tricky, hard mission.

Gadgets are everywhere, telling us what toothpaste to choose. Somebody though it would be nice to have a gadget to show us how to calm down too. They named this invention Muse.
Just connect Muse via Bluetooth, put on the sci-fi headband and launch the app. The app will guide you through a focused-attention exercise you would have to practice at least 3 minutes a... more



Samsung plays it cool with a musical short, offering us an insight of how fun and entertaining it is to work there. Seems that Samsung not only show themselves as these masterminds of mobile technology who release 5 last generation smartphones a year, they are also humans who enjoy themselves in the meantime, while their brains run high on creativity and know-how, creating new devices to blow up the competition.

Samsung prepares a set of six ten minutes long episodes, namely a miniseries called “Best future”. The production will explore young people's dreams and challenges, from the perspective of this... more

Girls are girls no matter how heartless they wish to be. Unless they have serious reasons not to, girls want men to admire them; they want beauty. They dream of a handsome prince which is man enough to save them from this dreadful world. And they crave for fashionable pretty things:
- dresses,
- Manolo’s shoes,
- purses,
- slim gadgets and accessories to go with.

... more

30000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank for All Chargeable Devices - Black

Oh, the nasty feeling you have when you're traveling, your battery dies and the nearest plug is God knows where...

From all accessories in this whole world, we find power banks the most useful. Most of them are easy to carry, look spectacular and are suitable for a wide range of devices. And have extra features:

  • they turn into flashlights,
  • have bluetooth earphones,
  • make you crave for Starbucks coffee etc. etc.

Check out, below, a short list of super power banks you need to have if you use your phone as often as you breathe.


Wouldn't be nice if you could open you beer bottle with your iPhone case? Or if you could slice your sandwich, loosen a bolt with it or speak while you run? Well, you can do all these if you buy 3 smart multifunctional iPhone cases available online.

Are they for me?

When we speak of mobile phone cases, we think of protection. But, the truth is these items may do a little bit more for you. As we can see it, a smartphone is not just a phone, so a case may not be just a simple case.

Okay, the case you choose to buy depends 100% on... more



Farewell sweet summer, farewell colorful flip flops, generous décolletages, sandy beaches and crazy outfits. Our wardrobes fade in color, our accessories lessen and our cellphone cases need to match our new outfits. The autumn collection for our darling mobile phones brings paler shades, light designs with fresh finishing and strong protection qualities, of course.
We all know that cellphone cases are far from being just a protective accessory, nowadays they represent a rather cool approach on personal style and a nice way to bring some fun and color to our mobile friends.

So, as our outfits become more serious and faded in designs, so do our... more

PU Leather Stand Wallet Case For iPhone 5 & 5S - Black

Mobile phones are expensive, that is something we all know. So, we can say that buying a proper case is a must have for every cell owner.
These accessories prove to be very useful. Leather cases, in particular, protect your phone while letting you enjoy its natural features.
But how do you know what leather case should you choose?
This blog post will give you some important details to consider when you're buying a leather case. Time is money, right? Spare your money, shorten your search and read, below, what you should be buying.

5 things to consider when buying a leather case:... more



Most of the times, the earpods that come with our cellphones bring poor quality and pretty much annoyance for the lack of possibility to hear things clear, whether it’s a conversation or a fine tune that you want to indulge yourself into. On the other hand, you cannot do without the headphones that make your cellphone more versatile and more in hand, in various situations where you need both your hands for the simple task you’re into, and your mind concentrated on that long talk you’re planning to have. Headphones are multitasking’s best friend when it comes to cellphones and that is exactly the reason why we should offer proper importance and priority and choose the best for the fairest prices.

These cheap... more

iPhone 6 is here, but the show is not yet over. iPhone 6 cases are ready to get in-store.
One of our favorite is Body Glove ShockSuit Case because it provides protection from every angle and high impact proof. This iPhone case is perfect for bold individuals with lots of space in their bag.
Need something less bulky? Then you will enjoy Incipio Octane Case – a transparent item with bright colored edges and cut-outs for ports and camera.

... more



iOS platform is famous for keeping a close eye on mobile app design process.
Newest iOS app icons have extremely realistic traits you can view on high-resolution displays. Check out some works of Ramotion, Erfan Nuriyev, Ryan Ford, Creative Dash and Nikita Ponomarev -  our favorite 3D iOS app designers.

... more

make your way through the summer clearance


Summer still has its perks, while we are already longing for the sweet lazy days that are coming to an end, leaving space for some chilly, rainy days, spent mostly indoors.

Well, summer still lingers with some cool promotions, here to remind us that even though this year’s summertime fun is gone, we can still prepare for the next one.

With autumn coming, schools widely open their gates and promotions are generous with discounts. The summer clearance has some leftovers that will... more

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