Badass cases for your cellphone

You like your badass attitude and you cannot lie, your other brothers can’t deny. You walk on cool, talk with cool and dress badass cool. Well, when it comes to dressing, your cellphone needs a special case to complete your completely cool attitude.

The cellphone case fashion comes in all shapes and for all tastes, and a great case will only make your appearance more accurate in terms of style and display of your own personal sense of fashion.

The variety will help you choose what suits you best and the approach in style will suite your desires and expectations.

This Knuckle Bumper case will bring back the Donnie Brasco flavor on our contemporary times, giving a special and fearless look to your fragile, precious phone.

Knuckle Bumper For iPhone 4 & 4S

Your hardcore rockstar attitude will be highlighted by one of these all black and silver back covers, with touches of metal shaped in skulls and other rock age shapes. The vintage era of rock and roll will never be out of fashion and will nevertheless show off your strong and cool attitude.

Hand Held PU Leather Back Cover For iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S

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