Everyday objects as art. How would you use your cellphone case as an art object?

The philosophy of the ordinary, mundane days has never gone as creative

everyday-objects-foods-artas you will see in the follow

All of us have turned into artists in a glimpse of a true inspirational moment. Have you ever seen your pasta sticks as unbeatable swords belonging to brave knights or your popcorn flowers as faces with crazy, afro hair? If so, than you are an emerging artist of the everyday objects.ing images. At some point we have all fallen into creativity over some dull objects and turned them into characters of a parallel universe or gave them super powers or appearances.

See here some really inspiring uses of some small, ordinary things, signed by the already famous Victor Nunes.



Speaking of which, could you imagine a new use of your iPhone case, a new use of your out-of-the-ordinary,    trendy, funky-fresh shapes, colors and images on your iPhone case? It’s cool and inspirational to find a new, innovative and creative destination for an object you would normally use for something else. Imagine an iPhone case as a hotchpotch or as a mask for your cute cat, or as a miniature painting or fragment of a painting on your wall. An iPhone case can originally be used as a small object holder on your desk!

That would be the very proof that life is all encompassing and it can easily turn everything into a living form of art. So, whether you like your phone case to only cover your mobile phone or you want it to become a creative terrain for your artsy musings, be invited to choose the one which suits you best!

Shimmers iPhone 4/4S Case - Pink Rilakkuma Bear Silicone Case For iPhone 5

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