Stare at a Samsung Galaxy S4 For 60 Minutes to Win One!

Yes, this is the ultimate challenge for Samsung fans :)


Because the Samsung Galaxy S4 can sense when you're looking at it, Swisscom hilariously set up a challenge for people to stare at the phone for an hour. Samsung set up a stunt in Zurich where it promised a free Samsung Galaxy S4 to anyone who could stare at the device for 60 minutes straight.  If you hit the 60 minute mark, you win a free Samsung Galaxy S4. If you get distracted, you don't get one. Easy? Not as easy as you think!

It would have been a good ol' fashioned stare down (you can blink) but Swisscom threw some epic distractions in the simple staring contest. People who played the game were distracted by barking dogs, singers, arguing couples, burning hot dog vendors and motorcycle crashes. I'm pretty sure I would have failed. Though I'm pretty sure I would have failed without any distractions too.

Find out how people in Zurich used their eyes to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 of their own. It's inbuilt Smart Pause function means the S4 knows when someone is looking at it. The longer a participant stares at the screen, the bigger the discount is. But watch out! The game ends the moment eye contact ends. An S4 was handed out for free after 60 minutes.

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