Unconventional cellphone cases, a case for awkwardness



Fashion Back Cover For iPhone

De gustibus non est disputandum, the old latins were saying, but when it comes to confusing a cellphone for a cereal bar or a pair of cheap silicone boobs from the sex shop around the corner, awkward seems an understatement.

With the cellphone cases offer going over the top and bursting with precious, colorful and glittery smartphone accessories, it is strange how the human mind goes way beyond the limits of common sense to create the quirkiest designs.

A phone that looks like the hi-fi copy of your breakfast not only keeps your mind thinking about food, but also makes your phone prone to be picked by a foreign hand. And who would want that?

We take a step further to the boobie craze and analyze it for a moment. Imagine you have dinner with your fancy, bourgeois relatives and you elegantly drop a pair of hot pink silicone boobs on the table only to touch them, raise them and paste them to your ear.

This could easily work as an ice breaker for a very poor comedian, but would you want to be exposed like that…..

Flower Print Back Cover For Samsung Galaxy Note II

The unlimited world of awkwardness further unveils with cellphone cases looking like giant plastic ears. I would say that it is perfect and nevertheless necessary to have a sense of self irony but keep


it for the people close to you and avoid making a little fool out of yourself in public spaces. Exposure for no reason doesn’t bring anything good for you and neither for the people around you. Moreover, you have such a varied range of beautifully made and crafted cellphone cases, which will turn your phone not into a mockery but into a precious work of design and taste.

You can find flower cases, lego cases, celebrity cases and cases that look like state of the art jewelry or original design. Originality does not come in uncommon shapes and usages for common object, but most of the times from an exquisite classic design or use of colors and materials, veiled in conventional shapes. Check out cellz.com and see it for yourself.